DroneClash welcomes UK’s Jason Bradbury as host and presenter

Countdown Just ten days to go until the DroneClash battles commence! At the time of writing, nine teams from five different countries are adding the finishing touches to their feisty fighters and majestic Queens. And while these drone developers and pilots psyche themselves up for this make or break competition, the DroneClash crew is busily […]

Boom, Boom(sma) shake the room! Introducing team QEptains

Frustration as the mother of invention Many great ideas are borne of frustration. QuadcoptersEnzo is no different. This webshop for all things drones came about when former electrical engineer, Pieter Boomsma had a poor online shopping experience. In an effort to enhance his DJI drone (which he had found “a bit boring”), he wanted to […]

Murica First?

All the way from the United States of America introducing team… Murica!     Model students Peter Sripol and his side-kick, Sam Foskuhl, have been flying their aerial creations since they were kids. Since high school, these Ohio makers have created planes to fly in model aircraft combat competitions, perfecting their designs and sometimes even […]

From the Silicon Valley of Switzerland…Team Bluff

Chocolates, cheese and…drones Switzerland. World-famous for its Alpine landscapes, chocolate, cheese and …. drones. It may sound surprising that this small landlocked country is something of a world-leader when it comes to drone innovation and technology but it is no anomaly.  World-class universities, an innovation-friendly approach to regulation and a vibrant startup culture, means that […]

They’re the youngest, they’re the fastest, they’re the most fashionable… It’s team Speeddrones!

Speedy Gonzales When I speak to Bart van Maarle one Friday afternoon, he’s pushed for time. This Flying Dutchman and head of team Speeddrones is in a rush. Speedy by name, speedy by nature. After all Speeddrones is not just his DroneClash team name, it’s also his bread and butter. The height of fashion Bart […]

Team A3T: They’ll be back (and this year, no hack attack)

Comeback kids Team A3T is hoping to make something of a comeback at DroneClash on March 16th.  In 2018 their dreams of DroneClash victory were dashed. Instead of looping the loop and ducking and diving, the Aerobatic Twente Tech Team’s drones spiralled inelegantly to the ground. Crash! Their opponents’ surprise use of hacking had put […]

Spinfast: the team with the global solution for rogue drones

Spinfast is a team put together by drone-entrepreneur, Martin Bennat. 40-year old Martin is a drone-enthusiast who enjoys nothing more than a challenge. Back in 2017 he set his mind to staging a drone-race. Not in some Dubai desert but in in his own backyard: the north German city of Hannover. Drone business takes flight […]

The Go-Faster FPV Friends from Flanders: Team Slunse

It’s almost 9:30pm when my computer buzzes. Bernard Ramault, captain of team Slunse, is late. I press the green button to accept his Skype call, expecting a one-on one chat about the Belgium team’s experience and DroneClash strategy. What I got was even more fun!   Ta da! The inches of my laptop screen are […]

Second time lucky? The determination of team Dipol

Team Dipol is the Teutonic team with unfinished business. William Thielicke, Klaus-Peter Neitzke and Ruben Jubeh, runner-ups in DroneClash 2018, have invested in their return ticket to Katwijk’s Hangar 2. March 16th 2019 is circled in their calendars.  After having been defeated in 2018 by devilish Dutch rivals, the Laced Horns, this trio of drone-enthusiasts […]

The rising stars of DroneClash 2019: Team Blue Phoenix

The Final Countdown At DroneClash we’re on countdown to D-Day! Ahead of Saturday March 16th, we want to give you a sneak peek into one of the teams that is already psyching itself up to do battle in the DroneClash arena. Introducing….Team Blue Phoenix! Delft Blue Birds Team Blue Phoenix is led by a confident […]