ClashExpo: counter-drone tech exhibition

100% exposure at ClashExpo

For a close-up view of the latest commercially-available counter-drone measures come to the ClashExpo. Cutting-edge technology will be on display, with the following companies having confirmed their attendance:


Bavak will be exhibiting its drone detection measure and countermeasure which can be easily integrated into existing alarm and control room systems. The technique consists of a sensor layer, validation software and a user interface on a computer screen.

Delft Dynamics

Delft Dynamics will be exhibiting its DroneCatcher system – a multi-copter, armed with a net gun. DroneCatch has the ability to safely remove unwanted drones from the air. After detection by  a radar, vision or an acoustic system, DroneCatcher quickly approaches hovering or moving threats. With the use of multiple onboard sensors, the net gun locks onto the target, shoots and catches the drone. Then, by means of a cable, DroneCatcher takes the captured drone out of harm’s way. If the drone is too heavy to tow, it is dropped with a parachute, reducing impact on the ground.


Squarehead will be exhibiting the Acoustic Drone Detection System Discovair – Rapid Deployable CUAS solution. According to Squarehead:
“The acoustics-based Discovair G2 fills a vital gap in proximity drone detection. Strict line-of-sight to UAS targets is not needed for positive tracking. The drone can operate in urban canyons, cluttered areas, behind obstructions and in darkness or fog, out of range for radars and optics, but still within the ‘earshot’ of the Discovair G2 acoustic sensor.”


DroneKiller applies high speed electromagnetic interference to disrupt communications between the drone and its control unit resulting in the drones malfunction

JST. Security (Ctrl+Sky) has a complete system of products to defend against drones. A sensor network with proprietary multi-sensor detection technology can be integrated into existing security systems.


ForcePro (DroneShield) provides protection against drones threatening safety, security and privacy. The company’s state-of-the-art proprietary detection and countermeasure products assist security forces in dealing with the growing threat of rogue drones.

Falcon Communications Ltd


The ClashExpo which will run in parallel to DroneClash.  Both events will take place inside Theater Hangar 2 in Katwijk on Saturday March 16th 2019.

ClashExpo provides a platform for companies and organisations in this rapidly developing field to present their counter-drone technology to an audience which will include policy makers and end users of counter-drone measures. If your organisation is interested in hiring exhibition space, please contact:

As well as hiring exhibition space, we can arrange for special demonstrations throughout the course of the day. As a ClashExpo exhibitor you will benefit from an audience which will include many potential end-users of counter-drone technology, as well as media interest.

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