Drones will clash again!

The next edition of DroneClash will be held  16 March 2019. Watch our spectaculair, newly released aftermovie of DroneClash 1: We aim to make DroneClash 2 even better than 1. The drones in DroneClash 1 were all but impervious to our own counter-measures. For example, over 20 net shells were fired, but none hit a […]

Counter drones are serious business

A few days ago we announced our renewed entertainment program, today we talk business. DroneClash has an important serious goal: to help develop better counter drone possibilities. But actually, there are quite a few companies working on this already, making some interesting products at that. Developing drones and counter-drone technology is becoming a billion-dollar industry, […]

And the award goes to……

Meet our presenter Johan van Geek, a well known figurehead in the race-drone scene. A few years ago, soon after building his first multirotor, he got completely hooked on the ‘building and flying of drones’-virus. He has since spend almost all his time on it, but also on bringing together people with the same passion. […]

DroneClash proceeds as planned!

You may have noticed some hick ups in the DroneClash logistics, due to issues with the organisation that we appointed to handle the organisation. The good news is that DroneClash is on top of things and provides its own action packed program on Feb 13th! DroneClash is fully organized by the University of Delft and […]

Awesome DroneClash Team Videos!

Most of the teams of DroneClash have released their team videos. In theses videos, the teams show themselves, their skills, their tactics, and many other things. However, each team knew that the other teams would be watching. What will they change in the last few weeks, and will they make it before the deadline? Or […]

Rules change

DroneClash is simplifying the rules. Now that we are getting closer to DroneClash (less than 6 months away!), some puzzle pieces are falling into place. The size of the arena is one of those, and as some say: size does matter.  And so it does indeed, at least for the rules. Moreover, in feedback we […]