DroneClash proceeds as planned!

You may have noticed some hick ups in the DroneClash logistics, due to issues with the organisation that we appointed to handle the organisation. The good news is that DroneClash is on top of things and provides its own action packed program on Feb 13th! DroneClash is fully organized by the University of Delft and the competition will proceed as planned.

There may be small changes in the final program mostly regarding the live demos and the ClashExpo, due to the cancellation of the TUS Expo event in Rotterdam.

Updated times of battles

Click here to see updated times of the battles

Full program DroneClash

Updates will follow shortly on this website.

Tickets valid

We have had to install a new ticket registration system, however all (old) tickets for DroneClash remain valid.


We can safely state that the cancellation of the TUSExpo conference is unfortunate for the industry, but also a sign of the starting, innovative, and internationally competitive state of the tech markets. We would like to thank the people at TUS for their professionalism. We aim to provide the DroneClash teams and visitors with a unique drone flying experience.