Counter drones are serious business

A few days ago we announced our renewed entertainment program, today we talk business. DroneClash has an important serious goal: to help develop better counter drone possibilities. But actually, there are quite a few companies working on this already, making some interesting products at that.

Developing drones and counter-drone technology is becoming a billion-dollar industry, as was shown recently. Visit the ClashExpo and meet the people who are working on it right now.  It all happens in the same hangar as DroneClash, around the arena. Whether it is about detection, prevention or destruction of drones you can find out about the latest trends on the market. Experts will be happy to explain and show their solutions to you on their stands. Weather permitting there will also be demonstrations of the various techniques and capabilities. Our confirmed counterdrone exhibitors are:


Thanks to Aaronia Drone Detection System we are able in a fraction of a second detect, identify and neutralise the unwanted drones even in bad weather, at night or from a very long distance!


Delft Dynamics

Delft Dynamics’ DroneCatcher is a multicopter, that is armed with a netgun. It can safely remove unwanted drones from the air. After detection by for example a radar, vision or an acoustic system, DroneCatcher is able to quickly approach hovering or moving threats. With the use of multiple onboard sensors, the netgun can be locked on the target. Thanks to DroneCatcher’s track & trace capabilities, the drone will be caught by shooting a net. After the catch, DroneCatcher can bring the captured drone attached with a cable, to a harmless place. When the caught drone is too heavy to tow, the target can be dropped with a parachute to ensure low impact on the ground.


DroneShield helps your security forces identify unauthorized drones using proprietary sensor technology, real-time alerts and digital evidence collection. Where legal for the operator DroneShield can provide countermeasures to drone threats.



Reseller ApolloShield



We hope to see you next Tuesday, tickets are still available. Besides a lot of fun and attractive to the creative mind, we aim to make DroneClash a networking event in which everything is possible.