Drones will clash again!

The next edition of DroneClash will be held  16 March 2019.

Watch our spectaculair, newly released aftermovie of DroneClash 1:

We aim to make DroneClash 2 even better than 1. The drones in DroneClash 1 were all but impervious to our own counter-measures. For example, over 20 net shells were fired, but none hit a drone. The drones were simply too fast, a lesson in itself for the counter drone industrie. This year, that will be different. There are also small rule changes, designed to lengthen the battles so that teams really can show their skills and tech.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see what innovations will be made by the teams this year. Last year, among others, a new type of hacking was developed that is now being researched by the authorities.

“We are quite satisfied with the results. Although it showed we still have a long way to come. The more reason to keep this fantastic event recurring’’ says Mark Wiebes, Chief Innovation Officer of the Dutch Police.

Do you want to take on team Laced Horns, the winners of last year? Teams can sign up by emailing teams@droneclash.nl .Teams can find the details of the updated rules on www.droneclash.org/teams

Do you want to be a part of the next DroneClash in another way? Contact us at business@droneclash.nl