Rules change

DroneClash is simplifying the rules. Now that we are getting closer to DroneClash (less than 6 months away!), some puzzle pieces are falling into place. The size of the arena is one of those, and as some say: size does matter.  And so it does indeed, at least for the rules.

Moreover, in feedback we received from teams we found that we were over complicating the competition. It’s holding back progress and innovation. As good a reason as any to make some changes!

So, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Instead of FOUR teams competing each battle, we dialed it down to THREE teams simultaneously battling each other.
  2. Previously we said: only ONE fpv frequency band per team. That has changed to TWO.
  3. In our original design of the arena, teams did not have a direct visual on the drones. That has changed. In both battle arenas teams can fly Line Of Sight now. Hold on, what about the Hallway of Doom Death and Destruction? That remains invisible for teams. So, you’ll still need either FPV or autonomous drones to get from the Battle First Arena to the 3 Queen Palace
  4. The challenges to turn off the counter measures are no more part of the competition. The counter measures will be randomly turned on in intervals.
  5. We changed the points grading:
Action Reward
Hitting a rival drone 50 points
Permanently grounding a rival drone 500 points
Catching a rival drone out of the air and holding it for at least for 3 sec 5000 points
Catching a rival drone out of the air and deliver safely in a container 50000 points
Rival queen takedown 15000 points

Hopefully these changes will bring about the most awesome of battles, inspire the craziest of ideas, and create the most courageous engineers and pilots. Most importantly, hopefully this will attract even more teams. It is possible until 15 November to join your team!

Download the full and official set of rules here.