And the award goes to……

Meet our presenter Johan van Geek, a well known figurehead in the race-drone scene.

A few years ago, soon after building his first multirotor, he got completely hooked on the ‘building and flying of drones’-virus. He has since spend almost all his time on it, but also on bringing together people with the same passion. This has resulted in DroneZone Breda, and recently his own company called #rotorlife. Checkout his facebook for more info on this! 


#rotorlife, among other things, was involved in the Drone Racing World Series try-outs in the ArenA a few months ago and they have some exciting events coming up next season.

In two days however, Johan will be live presenting DroneClash. We can safely say Johan is up for the task with his humorist view on things (Class 1 Brabant), and of course well adjusted to the fast pace of drone action. Or, in his own words: