€50.000 prizes

Yes, we know that participating in our competition may not be the easiest, nor the cheapest choice. For the latter we found a solution: prizes! And a substantial amount of that too. The winners of DroneClash, the world’s first counter-drone race and real live video game, will earn over EUR 50.000 of prize money. Just in case you are wondering how much drones like prizes… see our scientific test:


The best team that wins DroneClash will receive €30.000,- .
The second team will receive €5.000,- and the third team will receive €2.500,-.
Furthermore, there will be bonus prizes for:

  1. The autonomous team award: €5.000.
  2. The innovative team award: €5.000.
  3. The best pilot award: €2.500.

Further details and conditions can be found in the official rules.


Of course we understand that the lure of prize money may convince new teams to join. Since we were only recently able to find financing for prizes, we have decided to also give teams an extended period to join. The new teams deadline is 15 November. By the way, we also simplified the rules to make participating a lot easier. So, spread the word or form a team and join now! DroneClash itself is on February 13, 2018.


Our hope is that the prizes will help spread the word about DroneClash, which attempts to tackle the real life problem of nefarious drones. We like drones as much as the next guy, but we can also think of some places where we don’t. Our hopes is that the prizes will be used to push the development of the counter-drone measures. Considering it is a strongly upcoming market, we doubt you’ll find a more lucrative investment.