The first two counter-drone measures

DroneClash announces two counter-drone measures that will be deployed during the competition

In our latest video we demonstrate the first two countermeasures. The video shows a quick demonstration of a very bright light, strategically placed to over expose the cameras of a drone. Then an entanglement countermeasure demonstration is given using a drone net-cannon. These and upcoming countermeasures are inspired by real world available and considered hardware for actual counter drone measures, for instance by law enforcement agencies such as the police.

Hallway of Doom Death and Destruction

The countermeasures will be placed in the Hallway of Doom Death and Destruction, as show below in an artist impression of the layout of the competition. The hallway is designed to test the resilience and originality of the teams, and the viability of the countermeasures for real world deployment.

Teams will be able to disable specific counter measures by means of challenges. These challenges will also be announced together with the other countermeasures.

Teams Deadline

DroneClash is organised by the TUDelft MAVLab in collaboration with the Dutch National Police Department. Our goal is to organize a competition that is fun but at the same time sets out to help manage the real world problem of nefarious drones in society. We do this by attracting drone enthusiasts from around the world, and let them battle against themselves and against the counter measures.

Teams can still subscribe. The deadline is 15 September 2017.