DroneClash changes date to February 13 2018, announces collaboration with Robo Business Media.

DroneClash, the first anti drone competition is happy to announce a new partnership with Robo Business Media, the organizing company of RoboBusiness and TUS Expo, the premier robotics and unmanned systems events in Europe. The day before the actual TUS Expo trade show and conference, DroneClash and TUS Expo will have a joined day of TUS Expo outdoor demos and the DroneClash event. DroneClash itself consists out of an indoor competition, a counter drone and security Expo, and security related demos. In light of this collaboration, we have changed the date of DroneClash to February 13 2018.

Although the date has changed, the location remains the same at Valkenburg’s former Navy airfield.

Indoor competition

The DroneClash competition is like the next level FPV competition. Teams will battle against each other similar a real live video game. Also, they will need to handle current state of the art counter drone systems. See www.droneclash.org/teams for more information and how teams can participate.


The DroneClash Expo gives businesses and stakeholders the opportunity to present their products in a dynamic environment during the spectacular competition. The visitors will be able to see the competition from the booths and vice versa.

Stand holders at the DroneClash Expo in Valkenburg will be provided options to also have a stand at the TUS Expo in Rotterdam and vice versa. See http://www.droneclash.org/expo/ for contact info.


During the day, our rapidly growing list of stakeholders (such as several national police departments, the air force, and security and counter terrorism agencies) encourage to give security related indoor or outdoor demos. We will take effort to create high levels of realism. Slots are available in a limited amount, so contact us soon if you are interested.