Here teams can find all necessary information about the competition and how to participate. The competition is internationally orientated, meaning wherever you live, your team is welcome!

Competition map

Below you’ll find an artist impression of the map of the competition. Not all elements are announced yet, be sure to follow our social media channels to keep up to date!

  • Battle-1st Arena. Start of the Fighter drones.
  • Team boxes. Max 6 persons per box.
  • Jamming anti drone hazard.
  • Mystery anti Drone Systems and Measures. These will be detailed further in the upcoming weeks!
  • Queen Palace. Here the Queen drones reign.

Competition rules

This is a summary of the rules. The exact rules and competition requirements can be downloaded here. The four most important principles are:

  • Each team must have at least one Fighter drone and a Queen drone, but more drones are allowed in all stages. (e.g. Defender drones near the Queen, dedicated race drones at the start, etc).
  • Each team is provided with two FPV video race band frequency, to allow three teams to battle at the same time. A team is allowed to switch between the FPV video output of their drones, as long as the same channel is maintained and the other teams are not jammed.
  • The Queen drone must fly at all times. This means, the Queen for instance may need autonomous hover capability if a team wants to control another drone.
  • The team with the most points wins. Points are awarded by the independent jury (Law Enforcement), and are visualized live during the game to the audience. Exact information on how to earn points can be found in the detailed rules.

The FPV streams will also be shown on large screens to the audience. Teams cannot assume they will have Line of Sight of their drones, so that the drones must either be controlled through FPV, or autonomous in nature. The competition will be held inside. As such, GPS is unlikely to be available.



Read everything and still enthusiastic!? Good, these are the steps required to join the competition.

  • Subscribe your team. The costs, per team, are €150,-. This is less than the actual costs, but we do ask this small amount make sure teams are serious about subscribing. The deadline is 15 November.
  • You will be contacted by email, a short Skype team interview will be planned.
  • Deliverable 1 is due on December 8. It should describe the general approach your team wishes to take, and a detailed safety analysis and requirements document.
  • Deliverable 2 is due January 15. We require a video demo of the general approach, and should demonstrate a well oiled team.
  • DroneClash! 13 February.

Deliverables 1 and 2 are each rewarded with points by Law Enforcement with up to a max of 1000 points per deliverable.


Teams can submit their applications here. Closed!