Dipol 2018

Team DIPOL – minimalinvasiver Angriff

Our core team consists of three competition proven multirotor pioneers: William ‘IN-YOUR-FACE!’ Thielicke (PhD animal flight, now developing drones at TobyRich GmbH / Germany), Ruben Jubeh (Software Engineer at enercast GmbH, Germany) and Klaus-Peter ‘Spaghetti-Queen’ Neitzke (PhD Fluid Mechanics, now Professor for Automation Systems – Hochschule Nordhausen / Germany).


We will try to score with speed, agility, reliability and robustness. Neitzke is responsible for the defence, Thielicke will perform the attacks. We will take simple but effective measures to take down our opponents. Our fighting drones and the final approach are still under development. The most difficult part for our strategy is trying to imagine what defence and attack mechanisms the other teams will develop…