Counter drones are serious business

Yesterday we announced our renewed entertainment program, today we talk business. DroneClash has a serious goal: to help develop better counter drone possibilities. But actually, there are already quite a few companies working on this already, making some interesting products at that. Next we have several keynote speakers that will give short talks on everything security and counter drone related.

Developing drones and counter-drone technology is serious business, as was shown recently. Visit the ClashExpo and meet the people who are working on it right now. So, whether it is about detection, prevention or destruction of drones you can find out about the latest trends on the market. Experts will be happy to explain and show their solutions to you on their stands. Weather permitting there will also be demonstrations of the various techniques and capabilities. Our confirmed counterdrone exhibitors are:

AP-Flyer –
Bavak –
Delft Dynamics –
EMP – wacht nog op verdere informatie, deze misschien niet noemen nog?
ForcePro –
RobinRadar –
Schippers-IT (reseller ApolloShield) –

We aim to make DroneClash, besides a lot of fun and attractive to the creative mind, a networking event in which everything is possible.