Due to the overwhelming success of the first edition, we are organizing a second edition of DroneClash. Mark your calenders on 16 March 2019 for DroneClash 2019.

More information about the competition, this edition’s rules, and how teams can participate can be found here.

Drones: up-close and personal

Battles will take place in a specially-constructed polycarbonate arena, 20 metres squared and 6 metres high – ensuring a great view of even the smallest and speediest fighter drones.

Ready, steady, DroneClash!

Flame throwers and water cannons. Ballistic balls and entangling nets. Devilishly fast fighter-drones and majestically defended Queen drones. This high-stakes live experiment of the latest in counter-drone technology is set to be …smoking!


Alternate adrenaline-inducing DroneClash battles, with an informative stroll around the ClashExpo to meet businesses developing new counter-drone technology.

Audience participation: get hands on with drones

Don your white hat and try your hand at hacking down a TinyWhoop drone. Sign up for the hacking challenge when you buy your tickets. Alternatively bring your own (safe) counter-drone prototype and test it out in the interval.

Pit Stop

Whether you are flying drones or simply spectating, it’s thirsty and hungry work. Recharge your batteries at our food trucks, provided by Veul Soeps.

Help spread the word

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