December 4, 2017

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The basic principle is simple: take down everything that isn't yours.

In a real life video game of sorts, four teams will battle simultaneously. They can use as many drones as they like, but each team is only allowed one FPV video stream to their drones. This means, in practice, only one drone can be tele-operated per team. But, teams may switch between drones or create autonomous drones, and anything in between. As long as it flies.

The games will begin in the Battle-1st Arena. As the name suggests, the fights are on immediately. But a higher goal exists: teams must travel to the 4-Queen Palace. Here each team will have another drone, a Queen, that defends its hive at all costs. If nothing else, taking down all hostile Queens will have you win the game.

There is a complication: between the Battle-1st Arena and the 4-Queen Palace lies the treacherous Hallway of Doom Death and Destruction. Only the bravest, strongest and nimblest drones may survive, as we will literally paint this hallway with all anti-drone measures our Law Enforcement can think of. Expect future updates with sneak previews on their latest developments.



Visitors can see the show live, visit the Clash Expo, and see the anti drone demo's. The scores are displayed to the audience, giving it a live video game vibe. The FPV streams will also be shown on large screens to the audience, so spectators can see what the pilots see. Read More>>


The exact rules and competition requirements can be downloaded here, and are still being finalized (feedback on e.g. loopholes is welcome). The four most important principles are: Read More>>

Clash EXPO

DroneClash will be organised in parallel with Clash Expo, in which companies and organisations can hire a stand to present their anti drone measures. Dedicated demonstration events can be organised through out the event. Read More>>

December 4, 2017

Valkenburg, the Netherlands

  • Former Navy Base
  •  Large Aircraft Hangar
  •  Outdoor Demo's
  •  Continuous Action


We have gold, silver and bronze sponsor package deals. If you are interested contact us.