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On March 16 the bravest and best in counter-drone tech will battle it out. Or be brought down to crash and burn.

Who will play their cards right in 2019 to win DroneClash glory? With €50,000 in prizes, the stakes are high. Will it be last-year's runners-up - team Dipol from Germany? Or perhaps they will be trumped by one of the new teams from Belgium, Switzerland or the USA? And don't discount the numerous Dutch teams playing on home turf. One thing's for sure, they are sure to have some cards up their sleeves.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be giving you a sneak peek of the teams and their tech by means of our fun Top Bump cards and some spectacular videos. Keep an eye on DroneClash News for all the latest updates.

The basic principle is simple: take down everything that isn't yours.

In a real life video game of sorts, teams will battle against each other. They can use as many drones as they like, but each team is only allowed two FPV video streams to control their drones. In practice this means, only two drones can be tele-operated per team. However teams may switch between drones or create autonomous drones, and anything in between. So long as it flies.

Before battle commences, DroneClash teams are kept apart in two separate arenas, where drones are chomping at the bit - eager to get on with the job. Each team is allowed to use as many drones as they like, but they have to bring at least one Fighter drone and one Queen drone, who defends her hive at all costs. The main idea is simple: knock out the rival Queens. How? That's up to the teams!There is however a complication: before battle can commence, the drones must traverse the treacherous Hallway of Doom, Death and Destruction. Only the bravest, strongest and nimblest drones may survive, as we will literally paint this hallway with all anti-drone measures our Law Enforcement can think of. Expect future updates with sneak previews on their latest developments.



We would love to welcome you to the live DroneClash show. A specially-constructed 20 metre by 20 metre transparent arena means that you can enjoy a close-up and spectacular view of the action. FPV streams will also be projected on large screens, so you can enjoy a pilot's-eye-view of DroneClash. Included in your ticket is access to the ClashExpo, where counter-drone businesses will be exhibiting and demonstrating their latest technology.


DroneClash rules and competition requirements can be downloaded here. The four most important principles are: Read More>>

Clash EXPO

DroneClash is organised in parallel with ClashExpo - where counter-drone companies and organisations can exhibit the latest developments in counter-drone technology. It is also possible to arrange special demonstrations. Read More>>

DroneClash 2019 takes place at hangaar 2


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