ClashExpo: counter-drone tech exhibition

100% Exposure at ClashExpo

ClashExpo is an exhibition which will run in parallel to DroneClash. Companies and organisations interested in presenting their counter-drone developments are invited to exhibit at ClashExpo.

As well as hiring exhibition space, we can arrange for special demonstrations throughout the course of the day. As a ClashExpo exhibitor you will benefit from an audience which will include many potential end-users of counter-drone technology, as well as media interest.

ClashExpo and DroneClash are scheduled for the same day: 16 March 2019.

The venue is Hangar 2, Valkenburg, Katwijk, the Netherlands.

If you are interested in hiring exhibition space, please contact:

DC 087
DC 041
DC 089
DC 032
DC 051
DC 025
DC 039